our dream.

We're Lehne and Dallas Runyon, a cool husband and wife team -we opened a mobile bar June 2017 in Columbus, Ohio called Short and Stout Mobile Bar. We still own that bar, and have added more since! With both my husband and I having culinary backgrounds and experience in the service industry (combined 10+ years) we've always dreamed of owning a brick and mortar. We're still going strong with Short and Stout Mobile Bar but with two kids we want to settle into a permanent location nestled in a small community- it's the ultimate next step in our journey. Our goal is to find a cozy space in German Village to make our dreams come true but we're still looking for a location - and thats our first step.

so you want to open a bar?....

Well, if there's one thing we enjoy making more than cocktails it's brekkie! We've always had a thing for enjoying the start of your day over eggs and coffee and we want to invite everyone to join us. And we might as well throw in some brunch while we’re at it! 

We're all about bringing fresh ingredients to the table and glass, part of our success with our mobile bar is how we make everything from scratch and with love - and nothing will change there. Our brekkie/brunch experience will be one to keep you coming back.

our success.

Short and Stout Mobile Bar started as an idea in May 2017 and grew into reality very quickly. We booked our first event September 2017 - with our initial goal of 20 events in the first year, we did over 50! We understand what it takes to get a business to succeed, which consists of hard work, dedication and lots of tears (Dallas is the cryer). We have worked everyday to build a brand and identity throughout Columbus - we even have booked events in Indiana and West Virginia. Since we started we have been awarded "Best of Weddings 2019" from The Knot, featured in (614) Magazines Stock and Barrel Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Green Weddings Shoes and more. I'm not saying any of this to toot our own horn, but rather showing that when you work hard, success follows - we know that success doesn't just happen, you have to work for it and we are ready!

We are in the very beginning stages of planning our brekkie joint but with the help of our backers we can really get this idea to execution stage. We understand what it takes to make something happen, the dedication, the time, the knowledge but we believe we're there. We're ready. 

where's the money going?

Great question, the location! Once a location has been established we will immediately start re-modeling and getting our building up to health code standards. This will include purchasing bar equipment, kitchen equipment, permits, espresso maker, tables, chairs, and everything we need to make our brekkie + bar a success. We have come up with a number that all this will cost - and thats just to get started. We're fully prepared to fund the project once it has began and we have a building and thats why we need your help. Feel free to email us at for a breakdown of costs. 


We want our brekkie + bar to be like no other! This is the way we imagine this will work....

First off, you'll notice our unique vibe from the street and you'll want to check it out. Going for a walk at 7AM? no problem, come on in! We'll get your day started with fresh eggs, juicy marinated steak, or whatever spikes your appetite on our menu. You can enjoy a fresh sip of coffee or caramel macchiato, or maybe a Bloody Mary, mimosa, cocktail? Okay, back to the point. You'll walk in and head towards the line, this is where you'll place your order - let us know what you want, order a drink and head to a table. You'll find a spot to hang your table number and we'll bring the food to you. While you wait you can shop, that's right - we'll have a spot where local vendors can display and sell their product. Don't worry it won't be overwhelming, we just want to help get the word out with all the awesome makers we have here in Columbus and surrounding areas. It won't just be anything either, it will have strict guidelines to make sure the shop correlates with our look and vibe.

Once you have your food, coffee or cocktail - hang out! You'll feel the appreciation. Take a look around while your here - you'll see an open space thats cozy and welcoming. This is a place you can bring your family and friends, a place you can sit and study, work on a project for work, interview a future employee, meet a client, we'll even help you propose to your girlfriend. Either way, you'll be welcome and we'll enjoy your company.

We also have some unique plans such as being open some weekend evenings to invite “celebrity chefs” out to make dinner, have live music, or open for special events happening in the community. Our space will be open after 5pm to rent for private parties where you will have use of the kitchen, bartenders for the bar and of course, our dining area - perfect for hosting a company meeting, holiday party, launch party, yoga sesh, pop up market, or anything else you can think of... the way our brains work, the possibilities are endless!

What's in it for me?

That's always a good question, this is a community effort! Even if you don't live near German Village (or where we find our ideal location) you get to say you helped build a restaurant! This is one of the reasons we are going to create a "Founders Wall" - basically it's a dedicated area for all our supporters and believers to prove they helped with the restaurant and to show our ever-lasting appreciation. We're really hooked on the idea of a community building something together - even if it's not physically helping. By backing us and believing in us - there is just something magical about that. Remember - it takes a village.

Why Kickstarter?

We're pretty crazy right? I've done my research- I know that very few restaurants get funded through kickstarter. Here's my thoughts-

  • no loans, no debt right from the start and by not having mountains of debt from the beginning, this will allow us to do things like serve the highest quality ingredients, create a super cool atmosphere, and jump start the building of our brekkie + bar.

  • What about private investors? No thanks, we want to avoid losing what we stand for because an investor wants things done their way - we would much rather get input from customers and backers, like yourself.

  • But...if we found a cool private investor we might consider :)

  • It's not just about the money either, even if we don't hit our goal at least we're getting the word out there about our restaurant and what we want to offer the community.

P.S.if people can raise over $50,000 for a guy to make  Potato Salad - it’s possible we have a chance (but we won’t have potato salad) 😁

Peace, love and brekkie.

Lehne & Dallas Runyon


Launch Party Jan. 12th, 2019 @Flat51

Photos by Blake Needleman (@bleedles)

Launch Date: January 12th, 2018

Ending: March 7th, 2019