Hello! If you are filling out this page then you booked an event with us and we thank you! Please fill this out at your earliest CONVENIENCE and when you have as many details as possible. We look forward to meeting you!



If this event is a Wedding/Engagment Party - please include the Bride and Grooms name.
Event Planner/Day of Coordinator
Event Planner/Day of Coordinator
Phone Number
Phone Number
Who can we contact the day of the event, should we have any problems/questions?
Address of Venue/Event Space
Address of Venue/Event Space
Where will the event be held?
Phone, email and/or name
Sometimes venues want proof of event insurance, they will usually tell you this upon booking. If you know the required amount please let us know here.
Date and Time
Sometimes the venue has rules or specific instructions on setting up
You can check out what we use on our Facebook or Instagram. We typically set-up with a vintage peacock chair, plants, side table, etc.)
If applicable, what drinks would you like served? Typically people choose tea, flavored water, soda, lemonade etc.)
Let us know here where to pick up the alcohol or a contact name of someone who will help us bring it to the bar. *please have the alcohol pre-chilled - if not possible we can schedule a pick up time/date so we can have it ready for you.
Let us know here if you will be adding anything to our bars such as flowers, signage, banners, furniture, etc.
Any other details or requests?
Please check all add-ons
If you have requested any additional services please let us know here
Please be specific as possible. Includes signature cocktails, wine brand/style, beer brand/styles (also keg, bottles, cans, etc.)