our mobile bars



meet greta

greta is a 1964 Atwood canned ham camper - we found this beauty chillin' around buckeye lake, ohio. we gutted her the day after we brought her home and never stopped. she was finished in 86 days! 


meet marabelle

marabelle is a 1975 horse trailer we found in indiana. we travelled through the wee hours of the night to pick her up because we just couldn't wait. we discovered quickly an additional bar was necessary due to being booked so quickly! we didn't get started right away like we did with greta, but we did get her done in 7 short days (minus the time spent on the structural work).


Meet Penleope 

Peneleope is our pop up bar - shes perfect for smaller indoor events! we thought why not have all the options to better suite everyone's needs!